3011BV Inspector'sTEST BALL VALVE

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Item Number: M3011BV
Brand: AGF Manufacturing
The Inspector'sTEST Model 3011BV is a 300 PSI rated ball valve designed to perform the remote inspector's test function on single-story and other applications with the benefit of locating the orifice indoors. Features include that this model is compact, 300 PSI Rated, UL Listed, FM Approved, complies with NFPA 13, and it features a single-handle ball valve.


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Item Number M3011BV
Brand AGF Manufacturing
Item Numbers Description Price Group UM
M3011BV-37 1" INSP TST 3/8"2.2K ORF BV SR155 EA
M3011BV-625 1" INSP TST 5/8"11.2K ORF BV SR155 EA
M3011BV-43 1" INSP TST 7/16"4.2K ORF BV SR155 EA
M3011BV-53 1" INSP TST 17/32"8.0K ORF BV SR155 EA