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Brand: ASC Engineered Solutions

Anvil-Strut Flat Plates are designed to fit with all Anvil-Strut 1-5/8" wide channels. Unless otherwise noted, Anvil-Strut Flat Plates are manufactured from 1/4" thick carbon steel, 1-5/8" wide, all holes are 9/16" diameter, spaced 1-7/8" on center and 13/16" from the end.


More Information
Item Number AS619
Brand ASC Engineered Solutions
Item Numbers Description Price Group UM
AS619-37 AS619-3/8 EG SQUARE WASHER SR458.1 EA
AS619-50 AS619-1/2 EG SQUARE WASHER SR458.1 EA
AS619-75 AS619-3/4 EG SQUARE WASHER SR458.1 EA