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Item Number: 11591-1
Brand: Viking

The high pressure solenoid valve is a two-way type with one inlet and one outlet. It is a packless, internal pilot operated valve, suitable for use in releasing water pressure from the priming chamber of Viking Model E Series Deluge Valves and Viking Model H Series Flow Control Valves. The solenoid valve has floating diaphragm construction, which requires a minimum pressure drop across the valve to operate properly.



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Item Number 11591-1
Brand Viking
Item Numbers Description Price Group UM
11593 SOL VLV,110AC,300PSI,NC V240 EA
11591 SOL VLV,24V,DC,300PSI,NC V240 EA
11592 SOL VLV,24V,DC,300PSI,NC,EXP V240 EA
11594 SOL VLV,110AC,300PSI,NC,EXP V240 EA
11595 SOL VLV,24V,DC,300PSI,NO V240 EA
11596 SOL VLV,24V,DC,300PSI,NO,EXP V240 EA