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Brand: Viking

The Viking Model J-1 Alarm Check Valve serves as a check valve by trapping pressurized water above the clapper and preventing reverse flow from sprinkler piping. The valve is designed to initiate an alarm during a sustained flow of water (such as the flow required by an open sprinkler) by operating an optional water motor alarm and/or alarm pressure switch.


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Item Number 08767-1
Brand Viking
Item Numbers Description Price Group List Price UM
11428 TRIM,3"ALARM,VRT,J-1,BRASS V227 $875.71 EA
08633 TRIM,3"ALARM,VRT,J-1,GALV V225 $370.50 EA
08633USA TRIM,3"ALARM,VRT,J-1,GALV V225 $494.00 EA
08765 TRIM,4"ALARM,HRZ,J-1,GALV V227 $401.35 EA
11429 TRIM,4"ALARM,VRT,J-1,BRASS V227 $1,021.87 EA
08634 TRIM,4" ALARM,VRT,J-1,GALV V225 $392.88 EA
08634USA TRIM,4" ALARM,VRT,J-1,GALV V225 $524.16 EA
08767 TRIM,6"ALARM,HRZ,J-1,GALV V227 $421.22 EA
08767USA TRIM,6"ALARM,HRZ,J-1,GALV V227 $601.74 EA
11430 TRIM,6"ALARM,VRT,J-1.BRASS V227 $1,072.33 EA
08635 TRIM,6"ALARM,VRT,J-1.GALV V225 $392.88 EA
08635USA TRIM,6"ALARM,VRT,J-1.GALV V225 $524.16 EA
11435 TRIM,8"ALARM,HRZ,J-1,BRASS V227 $795.83 EA
08769 TRIM,8"ALARM,HRZ,J-1,GALV V227 $421.22 EA
11431 TRIM,8"ALARM,VRT,J-1,BRASS V227 $1,072.33 EA
08636 TRIM,8"ALARM,VRT,J-1,GALV V225 $392.88 EA