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Brand: Viking

Pneumatically controlled deluge systems require a pneumatic release system, equipped with thermostatic (rate-of-rise) releases and/or fixed-temperature releases, and/or pilot sprinkler heads. Release trim for the pneumatically controlled deluge valve includes a pneumatic actuator normally held closed by the air pressure maintained in the pneumatic release system. In fire conditions, operation of the pneumatic release system causes the deluge valve to open and allows water to enter the system piping. Water will flow from any open sprinklers and/or spray nozzles on the system

Viking’s Valve and System Configurator allows users to save time while building a system riser digitally, while generating a complete system and materials list for project needs.


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Item Number 23748-3
Brand Viking
Item Numbers Description Price Group List Price UM
23549 1.5"TRIMMED VLV PNE REL VXD,GA V402 $8,570.6720 EA
23581 2"TRIMMED VLV PNE REL VXD,GALV V402 $8,911.7683 EA
23602 2.5"TRIMMED VLV PNE REL VXD,GA V402 $9,912.4301 EA
23623 3"TRIMMED VLV PNE REL VXD,GALV V402 $10,067.0843 EA
23644 4"TRIMMED VLV PNE REL VXD,GALV V402 $10,915.0811 EA
23666 6"TRIMMED VLV PNE REL VXD,GALV V402 $12,452.4761 EA
23687 8"TRIMMED VLV PNE REL VXD,GALV V402 $23,232.1928 EA
23748 10"TRIMMED VLV PNE REL VXD,GAL V402 $28,217.7484 EA
23548-1 TRIM,1.5"PNEU DEL VXD,GALV V401 $4,529.3545 EA
23580-1 TRIM,2"PNEU DEL VXD,GALV V401 $4,529.3545 EA
23601-1 TRIM,2.5"PNEU DEL VXD,GALV V401 $4,548.7947 EA
23622-1 TRIM,3"PNEU DEL VXD,GALV V401 $4,548.7947 EA
23643-1 TRIM,4"PNEU DEL VXD,GALV V401 $4,585.9772 EA
23665-1 TRIM,6"PNEU DEL VXD,GALV V401 $4,591.8515 EA
23686-1 TRIM,8"PNEU DEL VXD,GALV V401 $6,358.6468 EA
23747-1 TRIM,10"PNEU DEL VXD,GALV V401 $6,773.1045 EA