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Item Number: 06509A-1
Brand: Viking

Viking Model C-1 Sprinkler Water Shields and Guards are hard-wire cages designed to encase the sprinklers and protect them from mechanical damage. They are recommended for areas where sprinklers are installed at a low elevation and/or near a high degree of human or mechanical activity. Water shields protect the sprinklers’ heat-sensing operating element from water spray discharge from sprinklers located at a higher elevation. Viking frame style sprinklers with Model C-1 Water Shields are converted to intermediate level/ rack storage sprinklers. They may be used in any application where water shielding is required, such as in-rack sprinkler systems, under grating, on pilot sprinklers for deluge systems, and outdoors as a weather shield.

The Model C-1 Sprinkler Water Shields and Guards are used in conjunction with Viking frame style upright or pendent sprinklers where allowed by the approvals. (Refer to the Approval Chart in the Technical Data document).

The Model C-1 Sprinkler Water Shields and Guards are NOT designed to be used on XT1 sprinklers.


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Item Number 06509A-1
Brand Viking
Item Numbers Description Price Group UM
06509A SHIELD & GD UNIT, 1/2, PD, C1 V206 EA
06682A SHIELD & GD UNIT, 3/4, PD, C1 V206 EA