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Item Number: 12873-1
Brand: Viking

Viking Model E, 3D Spray Nozzles are open type spray nozzles designed for directional spray applications in fixed fire protection systems. They have an open design only (non-automatic) with an external deflector that discharges a solid uniform cone spray of low- to medium- velocity water droplets.


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Item Number 12873-1
Brand Viking
Item Numbers Description Price Group UM
12901AZ SPRAY NOZZLE,125°,K1.2,BR V216 EA
12887JZ SPRAY NOZZLE,95°,K1.2,NCKL V216 EA
12922AZ SPRAY NOZZLE,180°,K1.2,BR V216 EA
12873AZ SPRAY NOZZLE,65°,K1.2,BR V216 EA
12887AZ SPRAY NOZZLE,95°,K1.2,BR V216 EA
12915JZ SPRAY NOZZLE,160°,K1.2,NCKL V216 EA
12894JZ SPRAY NOZZLE,110°,K1.2,NCKL V216 EA
12915AZ SPRAY NOZZLE,160°,K1.2,BR V216 EA
12894AZ SPRAY NOZZLE,110°,K1.2,BR V216 EA
12880AZ SPRAY NOZZLE,80°,K1.2,BR V216 EA
12908JZ SPRAY NOZZLE,140°,K1.2,NCKL V216 EA
12873JZ SPRAY NOZZLE,65°,K1.2,NCKL V216 EA
12908AZ SPRAY NOZZLE,140°,K1.2,BR V216 EA
12893AZ SPRAY NOZZLE,110°,K1.8,BR V216 EA
12879AZ SPRAY NOZZLE,80°,K1.8,BR V216 EA
12907JZ SPRAY NOZZLE,140°,K1.8,NCKL V216 EA
12900JZ SPRAY NOZZLE,125°,K1.8,NCKL V216 EA
12921JZ SPRAY NOZZLE,180°,K1.8,NCKL V216 EA
12872JZ SPRAY NOZZLE,65°,K1.8,NCKL V216 EA
12907AZ SPRAY NOZZLE,140°,K1.8,BR V216 EA
12900AZ SPRAY NOZZLE,125°,K1.8,BR V216 EA
12886JZ SPRAY NOZZLE,95°,K1.8,NCKL V216 EA
12921AZ SPRAY NOZZLE,180°,K1.8,BR V216 EA
12872AZ SPRAY NOZZLE,65°,K1.8,BR V216 EA
12886AZ SPRAY NOZZLE,95°,K1.8,BR V216 EA
12914AZ SPRAY NOZZLE,160°,K1.8,BR V216 EA
12893JZ SPRAY NOZZLE,110°,K1.8,NCKL V216 EA
12879JZ SPRAY NOZZLE,80°,K1.8,NCKL V216 EA
12885AZ SPRAY NOZZLE,95°,K2.3,BR V216 EA
12913AZ SPRAY NOZZLE,160°,K2.3,BR V216 EA
12892JZ SPRAY NOZZLE,110°,K2.3,NCKL V216 EA
12878JZ SPRAY NOZZLE,80°,K2.3,NCKL V216 EA
12892AZ SPRAY NOZZLE,110°,K2.3,BR V216 EA
12878AZ SPRAY NOZZLE,80°,K2.3,BR V216 EA
12906AZ SPRAY NOZZLE,140°,K2.3,BR V216 EA
12899JZ SPRAY NOZZLE,125°,K2.3,NCKL V216 EA
12920AZ SPRAY NOZZLE,180°,K2.3,BR V216 EA
12871JZ SPRAY NOZZLE,65°,K2.3,NCKL V216 EA
12899AZ SPRAY NOZZLE,125°,K2.3,BR V216 EA
12885JZ SPRAY NOZZLE,95°,K2.3,NCKL V216 EA
12871AZ SPRAY NOZZLE,65°,K2.3,BR V216 EA
12913JZ SPRAY NOZZLE,160°,K2.3,NCKL V216 EA
12919AZ SPRAY NOZZLE,180°,K3.2,BR V216 EA
12870JZ SPRAY NOZZLE,65°,K3.2,NCKL V216 EA
12898AZ SPRAY NOZZLE,125°,K3.2,BR V216 EA
12884JZ SPRAY NOZZLE,95°,K3.2,NCKL V216 EA
12870AZ SPRAY NOZZLE,65°,K3.2,BR V216 EA
12912JZ SPRAY NOZZLE,160°,K3.2,NCKL V216 EA
12884AZ SPRAY NOZZLE,95°,K3.2,BR V216 EA
12912AZ SPRAY NOZZLE,160°,K3.2,BR V216 EA
12891JZ SPRAY NOZZLE,110°,K3.2,NCKL V216 EA
12877JZ SPRAY NOZZLE,80°,K3.2,NCKL V216 EA
12905AZ SPRAY NOZZLE,140°,K3.2,BR V216 EA
12891AZ SPRAY NOZZLE,110°,K3.2,BR V216 EA
12877AZ SPRAY NOZZLE,80°,K3.2,BR V216 EA
12919JZ SPRAY NOZZLE,180°,K3.2,NCKL V216 EA
12898JZ SPRAY NOZZLE,125°,K3.2,NCKL V216 EA
12876AZ SPRAY NOZZLE,80°,K4.1,BR V216 EA
12904AZ SPRAY NOZZLE,140°,K4.1,BR V216 EA
12890AZ SPRAY NOZZLE,110°,K4.1,BR V216 EA
12918JZ SPRAY NOZZLE,180°,K4.1,NCKL V216 EA
12897JZ SPRAY NOZZLE,125°,K4.1,NCKL V216 EA
12918AZ SPRAY NOZZLE,180°,K4.1,BR V216 EA
12869JZ SPRAY NOZZLE,65°,K4.1,NCKL V216 EA
12897AZ SPRAY NOZZLE,125°,K4.1,BR V216 EA
12883JZ SPRAY NOZZLE,95°,K4.1,NCKL V216 EA
12869AZ SPRAY NOZZLE,65°,K4.1,BR V216 EA
12911JZ SPRAY NOZZLE,160°,K4.1,NCKL V216 EA
12883AZ SPRAY NOZZLE,95°,K4.1,BR V216 EA
12911AZ SPRAY NOZZLE,160°,K4.1,BR V216 EA
12904JZ SPRAY NOZZLE,140°,K4.1,NCKL V216 EA
12890JZ SPRAY NOZZLE,110°,K4.1,NCKL V216 EA
12868AZ SPRAY NOZZLE,65°,K5.6,BR V216 EA
12910JZ SPRAY NOZZLE,160°,K5.6,NCKL V216 EA
12882AZ SPRAY NOZZLE,95°,K5.6,BR V216 EA
12875JZ SPRAY NOZZLE,80°,K5.6,NCKL V216 EA
12910AZ SPRAY NOZZLE,160°,K5.6,BR V216 EA
12903JZ SPRAY NOZZLE,140°,K5.6,NCKL V216 EA
12889JZ SPRAY NOZZLE,110°,K5.6,NCKL V216 EA
12875AZ SPRAY NOZZLE,80°,K5.6,BR V216 EA
12903AZ SPRAY NOZZLE,140°,K5.6,BR V216 EA
12889AZ SPRAY NOZZLE,110°,K5.6,BR V216 EA
12917JZ VK817 SPRAY NZL,180°,K5.6,NCKL V216 EA
12896JZ SPRAY NOZZLE,125°,K5.6,NCKL V216 EA
12917AZ VK817 SPRAY NZL,180°,K5.6,BR V216 EA
12868JZ SPRAY NOZZLE,65°,K5.6,NCKL V216 EA
12896AZ SPRAY NOZZLE,125°,K5.6,BR V216 EA
12882JZ SPRAY NOZZLE,95°,K5.6,NCKL V216 EA
12895JZ SPRAY NOZZLE,125°,K7.2,NCKL V216 EA
12916AZ SPRAY NOZZLE,180°,K7.2,BR V216 EA
12895AZ SPRAY NOZZLE,125°,K7.2,BR V216 EA
12881JZ SPRAY NOZZLE,95°,K7.2,NCKL V216 EA
12909JZ SPRAY NOZZLE,160°,K7.2,NCKL V216 EA
12881AZ SPRAY NOZZLE,95°,K7.2,BR V216 EA
12874JZ SPRAY NOZZLE,80°,K7.2,NCKL V216 EA
12909AZ SPRAY NOZZLE,160°,K7.2,BR V216 EA
12902JZ SPRAY NOZZLE,140°,K7.2,NCKL V216 EA
12888JZ SPRAY NOZZLE,110°,K7.2,NCKL V216 EA
12874AZ SPRAY NOZZLE,80°,K7.2,BR V216 EA
12902AZ SPRAY NOZZLE,140°,K7.2,BR V216 EA
12888AZ SPRAY NOZZLE,110°,K7.2,BR V216 EA
12916JZ SPRAY NOZZLE,180°,K7.2,NCKL V216 EA