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Brand: Nibco Inc.

The NIBCO® bronze gate valve is specifically designed for main control of an automatic fire sprinkler system. Usually, it is employed to isolate an individual floor of a multi-floor building as the floor's main control valve. Rising stem gate valves are used when positive shutoff is required and a quick visual indicator of open/closed position is necessary.

The NIBCO® bronze gate valve features a screw-over bonnet, female threaded ends and outside screw and yoke (OS&Y) stem/bonnet construction. It is FM Approved and tested and listed by Underwriters Laboratories of the US and Canada (UL/ULC) to be used in automatic sprinkler systems as a control valve. 


More Information
Item Number T1040
Brand Nibco Inc.
Item Numbers Description Price Group UM
T1040-0100 1 OS&Y SCRD GATE SR140 EA
T1040-0125 1 1/4 OS&Y SCRD GATE SR140 EA
T1040-0200 2 OS&Y SCRD GATE SR140 EA
T1040-75 3/4 OS&Y SCRD GATE SR140 EA