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Brand: Zurn Wilkins

The ZW209FP Pressure Reducing Valve is pilot operated and utilized in Fire Suppression Systems where steady downstream pressure and high flow rates are required. The ZW209FP pilot assembly allows the main valve to modulate between closed and open for a constant downstream pressure, and automatically seals shut after reaching the pilot setting to prevent possible downstream damage. Its red internal and external epoxy coating offers corrosion-resistance, while the isolation valves and pressure gauges provide for easy, cost-effective maintenance and repairs for the lowest total cost of ownership.


More Information
Item Number ZW209FPG
Brand Zurn Wilkins
Item Numbers Description Price Group UM
ZW209FPG-0150 11/2" GXG PRES RED VLV 300# UL SR161 EA
ZW209FPG-0250 2.5" GxG PRES RED VLV 300# UL SR161 EA
ZW209FPG-0400 4" GxG PRES RED VLV 300# UL SR161 EA
ZW209FPG-0800 8" GXG PRES RED VLV 300# LF UL SR161 EA