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Brand: Viking

The Viking Swing Check Valve is a general purpose rubber-faced check valve approved for use in fire protection systems and is rated with a 300 psi maximum working pressure.

The Model D-1 (flange x flange) and G-1 (groove x groove) Swing Check Valve is manufactured with a ductile iron body, brass seat, and a rubber-faced clapper assembly, hinged to a removable access cover for easy inspection and maintenance. The valve may be installed vertically or horizontally with access cover facing up.


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Item Number 08536-2
Brand Viking
Item Numbers Description Price Group UM
05497C 2.5" D1 CK VLV GG V220 EA
08536 3" G1 CK VLV GG V220 EA
08538 4" G1 CK VLV FF V220 EA
08539 4" G1 CK VLV GG V220 EA
08542 6" G1 CK VLV FF V220 EA
08543 6" G1 CK VLV GG V220 EA
08546 8" G1 CK VLV FF V220 EA
08547 8" G1 CK VLV GG V220 EA