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Brand: AGF Manufacturing
The lightweight and compact Model 1011A is a 300 PSI-rated, single-handle, ball valve with a pressure relief valve designed to provide both the test and express drain functions required for a wet fire sprinkler system. The Model 1011A ball valve eliminates the numerous connections the traditional assembly loop requires, saving time, space, and money. The TESTanDRAIN Model 1011A features a tamper-resistant test orifice and sight glass, a tapped port for system access, a pressure relief valve, and optional orifices in all specifiable sizes. The Model 1011A is available in 3/4", 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2", and 2" sizes in both NPT and BSPT. All TESTanDRAIN products can add pressure relief without draining the system and are field repairable without removing the valve from the system.


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Item Number M1011A
Weight 0.000000
Brand AGF Manufacturing
Item Numbers Description Price Group UM
1011A-0750500 3/4" T&D 1/2" 5.6K ORF PRV SR155 EA
1011A-015043 1½" T&D 7/16" 4.2K ORF PRV 205 SR155 EA
1011A-0150ELO 1½" T&D 5/8"ELO 11.2K ORF PRV SR155 EA
1011205-0200 2" T&D 1/2" 5.6K ORF PRV 205 SR155 EA
1011A-0200K25 2" T&D 25.2K ORF W/PRV SR155 EA
1011-0150K25 1½" T&D 25.2K ORF W/PRV SR155 EA
1011-0150K205 1½" T&D 25.2K ORF PRV 205PSI SR155 EA
1011-010037 1" TND W/RELIEF 3/8 ORIFCE SR155 EA
1011-010043 1" TND W/RELIEF 7/16 ORIFICE SR155 EA
1011-012543 11/4 TND W/RELIEF 7/16 ORIFCE SR155 EA
1011-0150ESFR 1 1/2 1011 W/ESFR ORIFICE SR155 EA
1011-015053 1-1/2 TND RELIEF 17/32 ORIFICE SR155 EA
1011-0200ESFR TEST & DR. AGF 1011 2" ESFR OR SR155 EA
1011-0200K25250 2 K25 250PSI TESTANDRAIN W/REL SR155 EA
1011-020043 2" TND W/PRV 17-16" ORIFICE SR155 EA
1011A-0200K25205 2" T&D 25.2K ORF W/PRV 205PSI SR155 EA
1011205-0100 1" T&D 205PSI PVR 17/32" OR SR155 EA
1011205-0125 1 1/4 TEST&DRAIN W/205PSI PRV SR155 EA
1011205-0125ESFR 11/4 1011 W/205PSI PRV&ESFR OF SR155 EA
1011-010062 1 T-N-D W/RELIEF 5/8 ELO ORIF SR155 EA