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Item Number: M1011T
Brand: AGF Manufacturing
Model 1011T is a 300 PSI rated single-handle ball valve with a pressure relief valve and pressure gauge designed to provide both the test and express drain functions required for a wet fire sprinkler system. It features a tamper-resistant test orifice and sight glass, a tapped port for system access, a pressure relief valve, a 3-way universal gauge valve, and a pressure gauge. Available in sizes 3/4" to 2" in both NPT and BSPT, orifice sizes K2.8-K25.2. UL Listed & FM Approved. Made in the USA.


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Item Number M1011T
Brand AGF Manufacturing
Item Numbers Description Price Group UM
1011T-0100ELO 1" T&D 5/8"ELO 11.2K PRV&GAUGE SR155 EA
1011T-010050 1 TND&TAP W/PRV 1/4 3WAY GAUGE SR155 EA
1011T-0100530 1 TEST&DRAIN TEST GAUGE 17/32 SR155 EA
1011T-012550 11/4 TND&TAP PRV,GAGE,1/2 3WAY SR155 EA
1011T-0150K25 11/2 TND 25.2KW/ PRV&GAUG SR155 EA
1011T-015050 11/2 TND&TAP PRV,GAGE,1/2 3WAY SR155 EA
1011T-0200K25 2" M1011T X K25 ORFICE SR155 EA
1011T-020050 2 TND&TAP PRV,GAUGE, 1/4 3WAY SR155 EA
1011125ELO 11/4 TND ELO PRV SR155 EA
1011125ESFR 11/4 TND ESFR PRV SR155 EA
10111250530 11/4 TND 8.0K PRV SR155 EA
1011T-010043 1" T&D 7/16" 4.2K W/PRV&GAUGE SR155 EA
1011T-0150ELO TEST&DRAIN AGF 1011T 11/2X5/8 SR155 EA
1011T-0200ESFR TND W/TRM & VLV 3/4 ESFR ORF SR155 EA
1011T-0750500 3/4" M1011T x 1/2" ORIFICE SR155 EA
1011T-020053 2" TND 17/32" 8.0K ORF W/PRV SR155 EA