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Item Number: F23508
Brand: Viking

Viking 3% XMAX is a new generation of high performing, multi-purpose foam concentrate consististing of hydrocarbon surfactants blended with various solvents, preservatives and stabilizers. It is free from fluorine surfactants and has been designed for use primarily in high expansion systems but can also be used a multi-purpose foam in medium expansion and low expansion applications also. Viking 3% XMAX foam concentrate should be used at 3% of the solution volume (3 parts concentrate in 97 parts of water) in brackish, fresh or seawater.


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Item Number F23508
Brand Viking
Item Numbers Description Price Group UM
F23508-265 VK 3% XMAX 265 GAL V300 EA
F23508-55 VK 3% XMAX 55 GAL V300 EA
F23508-6.5 VK 3% XMAX 6.5 GAL V300 EA