VK339 K5.6 QR PD

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Item Number: 14693
Brand: Viking

Viking Microfast® Quick Response Stainless Steel Sprinklers are small, corrosionresistant, thermosensitive, glass-bulb spray sprinklers. The design consists of a solid stainless steel frame and deflector, combined with a nominal 3 mm glass-bulb operating element and a specially plated spring. These sprinklers can withstand many harsh corrosive environments that may cause regular brass sprinklers to deteriorate.


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Item Number 14693
Brand Viking
Item Numbers Description Price Group UM
14693A VK339 K5.6 QR PD SS 135 V110 EA
14693G VK339 K5.6 QR PD SS 286 V110 EA
14693D VK339 K5.6 QR PD SS 175 V110 EA
14693B VK339 K5.6 QR PD SS 155 V110 EA