VK460 K5.8 RES HSW

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Item Number: 13933
Brand: Viking

Horizontal Sidewall, 5.8 K Factor, Standard Orifice, Freedom Residential, Frame Style, Horizontal Sidewall, Flow Shaper, Microtech, Sprinkler

Viking Freedom® Residential Horizontal Sidewall Sprinkler VK460 is a small, thermosensitive, glass-bulb residential sprinkler available in several different finishes and temperature ratings to meet varying design requirements.  The Electroless Nickel PTFE (ENT) coating has been investigated for installation in corrosive atmospheres and is UL Listed as corrosion resistant.  With its larger K-factor and large coverage areas, including 14 x 26 ft (4,3 x 7,9 m), 16 x 24 ft (4,9 x 7,3 m) and 20 x 20 ft (6,1 x 6,1 m), the Model VK460 is a popular choice for NFPA 13 residential applications, including hotels and high-rise residential structures.


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Item Number 13933
Brand Viking
Item Numbers Description Price Group UM
13933AB VK460 K5.8 RES HS BR 155 V179 EA
13933AD VK460 K5.8 RES HS BR 175 V179 EA
13933FB VK460 K5.8 RES HS CH 155 V179 EA
13933FD VK460 K5.8 RES HS CH 175 V179 EA
13933MB/B VK460 K5.8 RES HS BK 155 V179 EA
13933MB/W VK460 K5.8 RES HS WT 155 V179 EA
13933MD/B VK460 K5.8 RES HS BK 175 V179 EA
13933MD/W VK460 K5.8 RES HS WT 175 V179 EA
13933JND VK460 K5.8 RES HS NT 175 V188.A EA