VK472 K5.8 RES PD

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Item Number: 16130
Brand: Viking

Pendent, 5.8 K Factor, Standard Orifice, Freedom Residential, Frame Style, Large K Factor, Sprinkler

Viking's Freedom® Model VK472 Residential Pendent Sprinkler has a 5.8 (84) K-factor and is cULus listed for up to 20 x 20 ft (6.1 x 6.1 m) coverage areas. With this larger K-factor, the VK472 can deliver the higher water densities required for an NFPA 13 residential system (0.1 gpm/ft2) at lower starting pressures. Also, the ½ inch NPT thread size allows for installation with a less expensive ½ inch CPVC head adapter, rather than a ¾ inch adapter. The Electroless Nickel PTFE (ENT) coating has been investigated for installation in corrosive atmospheres and is UL Listed as corrosion resistant.


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Item Number 16130
Brand Viking
Item Numbers Description Price Group UM
16130JND VK472 K5.8 RES PD NT 175 V188.A EA
16130AB VK472 K5.8 RES PD BR 155 V178 EA
16130AD VK472 K5.8 RES PD BR 175 V178 EA
16130FB VK472 K5.8 RES PD CH 155 V178 EA
16130FD VK472 K5.8 RES PD CH 175 V178 EA
16130MB/W VK472 K5.8 RES PD WT 155 V178 EA
16130MD/W VK472 K5.8 RES PD WT 175 V178 EA
16130JNB VK472 K5.8 RES PD NT 155 V188.A EA