VK494 K4.9 RES PD CD

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Item Number: 23707
Brand: Viking

The Freedom® Model VK494 residential flat plate concealed pendent sprinkler is available in 155°F (68°C) and 200°F (93°C) temperature ratings.  By leveraging new "ultra fast" glass bulb technololgy, the new VK494 is UL Listed at the same flow rates and pressure requirements for both temperature ratings and at all areas of coverage, including the minimum UL Listed flow rate for 16 x 16 ft (4,9 x 4,9 m), 18 x 18 ft (5,5 x 5,5 m), and 20 x 20 ft (6,1 x 6,1) coverage areas.  As a result, the ordinary and intermediate temperature rated models can be used interchangeably, providing greater installation flexibility and maximum performance, without having to sacrifice aesthetics.


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Item Number 23707
Brand Viking
Item Numbers Description Price Group UM
23707AB VK494 K4.9 RES PD CD 155 V182 EA
23707AE VK494 K4.9 RES PD CD 200 V182 EA