VK510 K25.2 ESFR PD BR

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Brand: Viking

Pendent, 25.2 K Factor, ESFR Pendent K=25.2, Early Suppression Fast Response, Sprinkler

Viking Early Suppression Fast Response (ESFR) Pendent Sprinkler VK510 incorporates the capability to suppress specific high-challenge fires. The addition of a larger K-Factor allows ESFR performance at lower end-head pressures than ESFR K14 sprinklers. K25.2 ESFR sprinklers can:
  -Eliminate the use of in-rack sprinklers when protecting high-piled storage of certain specified materials up to specific heights.
  -Reduce or eliminate the need for a system fire pump.
  -Provide flexibility when sizing system piping.


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Item Number 12080
Brand Viking
Item Numbers Description Price Group UM
12080AC VK510 K25.2 ESFR PD BR 165 V149 EA
12080AE VK510 K25.2 ESFR PD BR 205 V149 EA