VK556 K5.6 QR UP SHD

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Item Number: 12978-2
Brand: Viking

Viking Intermediate Level In-Rack Sprinklers consist of a water shield installed on specifically listed and/or approved frame style standard and quick response sprinklers equipped with glass bulbs or fusible elements. They are available in both upright and pendent styles with or without sprinkler guards.


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Item Number 12978-2
Brand Viking
Item Numbers Description Price Group UM
12978ABU VK556 K5.6 QR UP BR 155 SHD V166 EA
12978ADU VK556 K5.6 QR UP BR 175 SHD V166 EA
12978AEU VK556 K5.6 QR UP BR 200 SHD V166 EA
12978AGU VK556 K5.6 QR UP BR 286 SHD V166 EA