VK600 K5.6 EC PD

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Item Number: 06778
Brand: Viking

Viking Microfast® EC/QREC Pendent Sprinkler VK600 is a small thermosensitive spray sprinkler available in several different finishes and temperature ratings to meet varying design requirements. The VK600 has both standard response and quick response listings. The glass bulb operating element and special deflector characteristics meet the challenges of quick response extended coverage standards. The special Polyester coating can be used in decorative applications where colors are desired.  See technical datasheet for required design and installation criteria.


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Item Number 06778
Brand Viking
Item Numbers Description Price Group UM
06778BAA VK600 K5.6 EC PD BR 135 V135 EA
06778BAB VK600 K5.6 EC PD BR 155 V135 EA
06778BAD VK600 K5.6 EC PD BR 175 V135 EA
06778BFA VK600 K5.6 EC PD CH 135 V135 EA
06778BFB VK600 K5.6 EC PD CH 155 V135 EA
06778BFD VK600 K5.6 EC PD CH 175 V135 EA
06778BMA/W VK600 K5.6 EC PD WT 135 V135 EA
06778BMB/B VK600 K5.6 EC PD BK 155 V135 EA
06778BMB/W VK600 K5.6 EC PD WT 155 V135 EA
06778BMD/B VK600 K5.6 EC PD BLK 175 V135 EA
06778BMD/W VK600 K5.6 EC PD WT 175 V135 EA