VK636 K11.2 ECLH PD CD

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Item Number: 16102
Brand: Viking

Pendent, Quick Response, 11.2 K Factor, Extra Large Orifice, Mirage Extended Coverage, Extra Large Origice, Concealed Pendent, Sprinkler, Light Hazard Only, (General reference only - Always refer to technical datasheet for accurate listings and approvals)

The Viking Mirage® Model VK636 Quick Response Extended Coverage Light Hazard ELO Concealed Pendent Sprinkler is designed for installation on concealed pipe systems where the appearance of a smooth ceiling is desired. The sprinkler is designed with an extra-large orifice and a special deflector to meet Light Hazard density requirements for specifically listed extended areas of coverage at lower pressures than standard or large orifice sprinklers.  See technical datasheet for required design and installation criteria.


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Item Number 16102
Brand Viking
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16102AC VK636 K11.2 ECLH PD CD 165 V137 EA
16102AE VK636 K11.2 ECLH PD CD 205 V137 EA