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Item Number: 17375
Brand: Viking

Horizontal Sidewall, Quick Response, 8.0 K Factor, Large Orifice, Extended Coverage, Horizontal Sidewall, Corridor Sprinklers (wide-throw), Sprinkler, Light Hazard Only, (General reference only - Always refer to technical datasheet for accurate listings and approvals)

Viking's Model VK638 Quick Response Extended Coverage Horizontal Sidewall Sprinkler is designed specifically to protect corridors, hallways, decks, walkways, and any other application where a wide spray pattern is optimal. The VK638 is cULus Listed for Light Hazard occupancies and has a K-factor of 8.0 (115). 

The VK638 uses Viking’s patented flow-shaper technology to provide larger coverage areas at lower flow and pressure requirements. The sprinkler is cULus Listed for 28 x 12 ft (8,5 x 3,7 m) and 28 x 14 ft (8,5 x 4,3 m) coverage areas, with the deflector installed up to 12 in (305 mm) below the ceiling. The 28 x 12 ft (8,5 x 3,7 m) coverage area is unique in the industry, providing a significant flow and pressure advantage for fire sprinkler systems where this area of coverage can be applied.


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Item Number 17375
Brand Viking
Item Numbers Description Price Group UM
17375FB VK638 K8.0 CORR HS CH 155 V142 EA
17375FD VK638 K8.0 CORR HS CH 175 V142 EA
17375FE VK638 K8.0 CORR HS CH 200 V142 EA
17375MB/B VK638 K8.0 CORR HS BK 155 V142 EA
17375MB/W VK638 K8.0 CORR HS WT 155 V142 EA
17375MD/B VK638 K8.0 CORR HS BK 175 V142 EA
17375MD/W VK638 K8.0 CORR HS WT 175 V142 EA
17375ME/B VK638 K8.0 CORR HS BK 200 V142 EA