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Item Number: 20952
Brand: Viking

Attic HIP, Specific Application, K5.6

The VK660 is a Specific Application Attic Sprinkler designed to provide superior fire protection in combustible and non-combustible sloped attic spaces when compared to standard spray attic protection. With specific application criteria for use with Model V-BB (Back to Back), Model V-SD (Single Directional), and Attic Upright Specific Application Sprinklers, the Viking attic sprinklers provide an extended coverage spacing alternative to standard spray sprinklers. They make it possible to use a single line of piping at the attic peak, eliminating the need for branch lines and greatly reducing the number of required sprinklers and associated material and installation costs.


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Item Number 20952
Brand Viking
Item Numbers Description Price Group UM
20952AE VK660 K5.6 ATTIC HIP BR 200 V174 EA
20952JNE VK660 K5.6 ATTIC HIP NT 200 V188.A EA