VK682 K8.0 8:12 BB

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Item Number: 19798
Brand: Viking

Attic, Back to Back, Specific Application, K8.0

The Viking Model V-BB (Back to Back) Attic Sprinklers are UL Listed for both wet and dry pipe systems in combustible and non-combustible sloped attic spaces, and can be installed with steel or CPVC piping. (CPVC is allowed on wet pipe systems only.) When used with Viking's Model V-SD (Single Directional) and VK696 Attic Upright sprinklers, it is possible to utilize a single line of piping at the attic peak, eliminating the need for branch lines and greatly reducing the number of required sprinklers and associated materials. The Model V-BB is a glass bulb design with a temperature rating of 200° F, and is offered in either standard brass or ENT plating for areas subject to corrosion.  The Viking Model V-BB Attic Sprinkler provides a reduced response time due to its narrow ridge spacing of 6 ft (1,8 m) and long throw pattern (up to 30 ft in each direction measured horizontally), and is offered in three different slope ranges and two different orifice sizes (K=5.6 or 8.0).


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Item Number 19798
Brand Viking
Item Numbers Description Price Group UM
19798AE VK682 K8.0 12:12 BB BR 200 V174 EA
19798JNE VK682 K8.0 8:12 BB NT 200 V188.A EA