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Item Number: 07848
Brand: Viking

The Viking Microfast® HP Fixed Temperature Release is a fixed-temperature, heat-responsive device. It is designed for use on pilot line release systems to activate deluge and preaction systems. The fixed temperature release is equipped with a 3mm glass bulb and is available in several finishes and temperature ratings to meet design requirements.


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Item Number 07848
Brand Viking
Item Numbers Description Price Group UM
07848CB VK800 PILOT BR 155 WAX V226 EA
07848FD VK800 PILOT CH 175 HP V226 EA
07848MB/W VK800 PILOT WT 155 HP V226 EA
07848MD/W VK800 PILOT WT 175 HP V226 EA
07848ME/W VK800 PILOT WT 200 HP V226 EA
07848MG/W VK800 PILOT WT 286 HP V226 EA
07848ND VK800 PILOT TF 175 HP V226 EA
07848NG VK800 PILOT TF 286 HP V226 EA
07848AB VK800 PILOT BR 155 HP V226 EA
07848AD VK800 PILOT BR 175 HP V226 EA
07848AE VK800 PILOT BR 200 HP V226 EA
07848AG VK800 PILOT BR 286 HP V226 EA
07848FA VK800 PILOT CH 135 HP V226 EA
07848FB VK800 PILOT CH 155 HP V226 EA
07848FE VK800 PILOT CH 200 HP V226 EA
07848MA/W VK800 PILOT WT 135 HP V226 EA
07848NA VK800 PILOT TF 135 HP V226 EA
07848NB VK800 PILOT TF 155 HP V226 EA
07848NE VK800 PILOT TF 200 HP V226 EA