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Item Number: 150M0100EG-01
Brand: nVent CADDY

Pipe support for general piping applications. Comes complete with 4 nuts (2 installed on each end). Conforms with Federal Specification WW-H-171 (Type 24), Manufacturers Standardization Society ANSI®/MSS-SP-58 (Type 24).


More Information
Item Number 150M0100EG-01
Brand nVent CADDY
Item Numbers Description Price Group UM
150M0100EG U-BOLT #150 EG 1"" SR435.1 EA
150M0125EG U-BOLT #150 EG 1,25"" SR435.1 EA
150M0150EG U-BOLT #150 EG 1,5"" SR435.1 EA
150M0200EG U-BOLT #150 EG 2"" SR435.1 EA
150M0250EG U-BOLT #150 EG 2,5"" SR435.1 EA
150M0300EG U-BOLT #150 EG 3"" SR435.1 EA
150M0400EG U-BOLT #150 EG 4"" SR435.1 EA
150M0800EG U-BOLT #150 EG 8"" SR435.1 EA
150M0600EG U-BOLT #150 EG 6"" SR435.1 EA
150M1000EG U-BOLT #150 EG 10" SR435.1 EA