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Item Number: 7000L
Brand: AGF Manufacturing

The Model 7000L is a lockable pressure relief valve specifically designed to relieve excess pressure caused by pressure surges or temperature changes in all wet fire sprinkler systems. Model 7000L pressure relief valves comply with NFPA 13 requirements stipulating that a pressure relief valve must be installed on all wet systems and downstream of all pressure reducing valves. Model 7000Ls feature a bronze body, stainless steel spring, and plastic casing with a "hydro" tab and "flush" tab. Using a hex wrench and the tabs, lock the 7000L  closed for hydrostatic testing without removing the valve from the system. The 7000L features a 1/2" MIPT inlet and FIPT outlet and is UL Listed and FM Approved. It is rated for 175 PSI Systems. 


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Item Number 7000L
Brand AGF Manufacturing
Item Numbers Description Price Group UM
7000L-200-50 1/2 200 PSI RELIEF VLV LOCKBLE SR155 EA
7000L-225-50 1/2 225 PSI RELIEF VLV LOCKBLE SR155 EA
7000L-175-50 1/2 175 PSI RELIEF VLV LOCKBLE SR155 EA
7000L-300-50 1/2 300 PSI RELIEF VLV LOCKBLE SR155 EA