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Brand: Viking

The Viking Model F-1 Dry Pipe Valve is a latching differential valve used to separate the water supply from the dry pipe sprinkler system. The valve combines a positive latching clapper and air plate assembly, with a differential air to water seat design. The latching clapper and air plate assembly provides a positive mechanical seal for the air pressure in the dry pipe system.


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Item Number 09441-2
Brand Viking
Item Numbers Description Price Group List Price UM
07627 4" DRY VALVE F X G F1 V228 $5,477.8643 EA
07628 4" DRY VALVE FXF MDL F1 V228 $5,477.8643 EA
08464 6" DRY VALVE FXF F1 V228 $6,849.1496 EA
08491 6" DRY VALVE FXG F1 V228 $6,849.1496 EA
09441 3 DRY VALVE F1 F X F V228 $4,887.5650 EA
09446 3" DRY VALVE FXG F1 V228 $4,887.5650 EA