RiserPACK RES RISER 8011 13R

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Item Number: 8230R-1
Brand: AGF Manufacturing
AGF's RiserPACK Model 8000 is a pre-assembled, residential manifold that meets the requirements of NFPA 13R for fire sprinkler systems. Pre-assembled components include a flow switch, Inspector'sTEST Model 3011BV, a 3-way universal gauge valve, and a Model 7500 pressure gauge.Available in sizes 1", 1.25", 1.5", and 2", orifice sizes 3/8" (K2.8) , 7/16" (K4.2), and 1/2" (K5.6), and thread x thread, thread x groove, or groove x groove connections


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Item Number 8230R-1
Brand AGF Manufacturing
Item Numbers Description Price Group UM
8222R 11/2 RES RISR 13R 5.6K TXT PRV SR307 EA
8230R 11/2 RES RISR 13R 2.8K GXG PRV SR307 EA
8241R 2 RES RISR 7/16" 4.2K TxT PRV SR307 EA
8251R 2 RES RISR 7/16" 4.2K GxG PRV SR307 EA
8252R 2 RES RISR 1/2" 5.6K GxG PRV SR307 EA