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Item Number: FH306
Brand: Flexhead

The FlexHead FH300 UltraFlex series offers installers, designers, & engineers the most versatile solution for connecting sprinklers to branch lines. The modular hose design provides solutions for installing sprinklers in ASTM C635 & C636 suspended ceiling, sidewall, and gypsum board ceiling applications in compliance with NFPA 13.


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Item Number FH306
Brand Flexhead
Item Numbers Description Price Group UM
40FH306-50 HOSE 40 ULTRAFLEX 1/2 SR306.4 EA
48FH306-50 HOSE 48 ULTRAFLEX 1/2 SR306.4 EA
40FH306-75 HOSE 40 ULTRAFLEX 3/4 SR306.4 EA
71FH306-50 HOSE 71 ULTRAFLEX 1/2 SR306.4 EA
48FH306-75 HOSE 48 ULTRAFLEX 3/4 SR306.4 EA
71FH306-75 HOSE 71 ULTRAFLEX 3/4 SR306.4 EA
59FH306-50 HOSE 59 ULTRAFLEX 1/2 SR306.4 EA
59FH306-75 HOSE 59 ULTRAFLEX 3/4 SR306.4 EA
28FH306-50 HOSE 28 ULTRAFLEX 1/2 SR306.4 EA
28FH306-75 HOSE 28 ULTRAFLEX 3/4 SR306.4 EA