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Item Number: 09124
Brand: Viking

Viking dry vertical sidewall sprinklers are suitable for use in areas subject to freezing. They may be installed either upright or pendent, and are suitable for use on dry systems, preaction systems, or wet systems. They are ideal for use in unheated spaces above ceilings of heated rooms equipped with wet pipe sprinkler systems. NOTE: Viking Dry Vertical Sidewall Sprinklers are NOT listed or approved. Vertical Sidewall, Standard Response, 5.6 K Factor, Standard Orifice, Dry Barrel, White Finish, 200 degree F (93 C), Sprinkler, Light Hazard Only, (General reference only - Always refer to technical datasheet for accurate listings and approvals)

Custom length dry sprinklers can be configured through the Dry Sprinkler Order Form, click here!


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Item Number 09124
Brand Viking
Item Numbers Description Price Group UM
09124UFB06 VK161 SR REC VS CH 155 6 V187 EA
09124UFB24 VK161 SR REC VS CH 155 24 V187 EA
09124UME/W18 VK161 SR REC VS WT 200 18 V187 EA