VK427 K5.6 QR INS HS

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Item Number: 22885
Brand: Viking

Viking Institutional Style Sprinklers are small, flush, solder link and lever sprinklers made with tamper-resistant construction. These flush-mount sprinklers can be ordered as Quick Response, Quick Response-Extended Coverage, and as Pendent or Horizontal Sidewall configurations. Viking institutional sprinklers have been specifically designed for use with concealed piping in institutional mental health occupancies, correctional facilities, or anywhere a likelihood of tampering with fire sprinklers by the occupants may exist. The institutional sprinkler assembly consists of the sprinkler body and a 3 or 4 inch escutcheon plate. The sprinkler and escutcheon plate are available with a polished chrome or painted finish.


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Item Number 22885
Brand Viking
Item Numbers Description Price Group UM
22885FC VK427 K5.6 QR INS HS CH 165 V173 EA
22885MC/W VK427 K5.6 QR INS HS WT 165 V173 EA
22885ME/W VK427 K5.6 QR INS HS WT 205 V173 EA
22885FE VK427 K5.6 QR INS HS CH 205 V173 EA