VK464 - MRI K8.0 QR PD

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Item Number: 15481
Brand: Viking

Viking Mirage® Quick Response Concealed MRI Sprinklers are intended for use inside an MRI environment, such as the MR system room. They are not intended to be used within the bore of the MR scanner itself. This sprinkler is made from non-magnetic materials that are acceptable for use in a high magnetic field environment like those associated with a magnetic resonance system. This sprinkler has been independently tested for use with a 3-Tesla MR system in accordance with ASTM F2503-05 criteria. The results of this test demonstrate that this product is acceptable for use in an environment with a static magnetic field of 3-Tesla or less and the highest spatial gradient magnetic field of 720-Gauss/cm or less.


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Item Number 15481
Brand Viking
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15481AE VK464 K8.0 QR PD CD 200 MRI V129 EA
15481AD VK464 K8.0 QR PD CD 175 MRI V129 EA
15481AB VK464 K8.0 QR PD CD 155 MRI V129 EA