VK469 K11.2 QR PD

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Item Number: 15764
Brand: Viking

The Viking Mirage® Model VK469 Quick Response ELO (Extra-Large Orifice) Concealed Pendent Sprinkler is designed for installation on concealed pipe systems where the appearance of a smooth ceiling is desired. With an 11.2 (161) K-factor, this quick response sprinkler is specifically designed for applications requiring both a higher water density and the appearance of a flatplate concealed sprinkler. Typical applications include casinos, exhibition halls, hotel lobbies, airport terminals, places of worship, and certain retail environments. The sprinkler’s extra-large orifice allows for higher water densities to be applied even when limited water pressure is available. The VK469 may also eliminate the need for a fire pump, or reduce the size of the pump if required. On existing systems, replacing large orifice sprinklers with the VK469 ELO may provide the higher densities needed to increase the occupancy’s hazard classification. The VK469 ELO sprinkler is cULus listed for up to and including Ordinary Hazard Group II occupancies. It has a 165°F (74°C) temperature rating and features a flat cover plate with ½” (13 mm) of vertical adjustment. The sprinkler’s cover plate is available in four standard finishes and a nearly unlimited variety of custom finishes.


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Item Number 15764
Brand Viking
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15764AC VK469 K11.2 QR PD BR 165 V129 EA
15764AE VK469 K11.2 QR PD BR 205 V129 EA
15764JNC VK469 K11.2 QR PD NT 165 V188.A EA
15764JNE VK469 K11.2 QR PD NT 205 V188.A EA