VK502 K14.0 ESFR

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Item Number: 18711
Brand: Viking

Viking Early Suppression Fast Response (ESFR) Dry Pendent Sprinkler VK502 is a fast response fusible element type sprinkler designed for use in storage areas subject to freezing and supplied from a wet system in an adjacent heated area. With a 14.0 nominal K-Factor and special deflector, this sprinkler produces large, high-momentum water droplets in a hemispheric pattern below the deflector. This permits penetration of the fire plume and direct wetting of the burning fuel surface while cooling the atmosphere early in the development of a high-challenge fire.  ESFR Dry sprinklers can ONLY be installed in Wet systems! Not for installation in dry or preaction systems.


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Item Number 18711
Brand Viking
Item Numbers Description Price Group UM
18176AC VK502 K14.0 ESFR GRV 165 36" V151 EA
18177AC VK502 K14.0 ESFR THD165 36"NPT V151 EA
18702AC VK502 K14.0 ESFR GRV 165 18" V151 EA
18703AC VK502 K14.0 ESFR THD165 18"NPT V151 EA
18706AC VK502 K14.0 ESFR GRV 165 24" V151 EA
18707AC VK502 K14.0 ESFR THD165 24"NPT V151 EA
18710AC VK502 K14.0 ESFR GRV 165 30" V151 EA
18711AC VK502 K14.0 ESFR THD165 30"NPT V151 EA