VK5141 K28 ESFR PD

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Item Number: 25247
Brand: Viking

Viking Early Suppression Fast Response (ESFR) Pendent Sprinkler VK5141 is a fast response glass bulb type sprinkler designed for use in storage areas prone to high-challenge fires. With a 28.0 (404 metric) nominal K-Factor and special deflector, this sprinkler produces large, high-momentum water droplets in a hemispheric pattern below the deflector. This permits penetration of the fire plume and direct wetting of the burning fuel surface while cooling the atmosphere early in the development of a high-challenge fire.

Available for use with InstaSeal® technology as the sprinklers feature TorqueAssist caps, making it possible to hand tighten without thread tape, pipe dope or additional sealants.


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Item Number 25247
Brand Viking
Item Numbers Description Price Group UM
25247AB-TQ VK5141 K28 ESFR PD BR 155TOR V150.1 EA
25247AE-TQ VK5141 K28ESFR PD BR 200TOR V150.1 EA