VK538 K11.2 ECOH CD

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Brand: Viking

Pendent, Standard Response, 11.2 K Factor, Extra Large Orifice, Mirage Extended Coverage, Extra Large Origice, Concealed Pendent, Sprinkler, Light and Ordinary Hazard, (General reference only - Always refer to technical datasheet for accurate listings and approvals)


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Item Number 17115
Brand Viking
Item Numbers Description Price Group UM
17115AC VK538 K11.2 ECOH CD BR 165 V137 EA
17115JNC VK538 K11.2 ECOH CD NT 165 V188.A EA
17115AE VK538 K11.2 ECOH CD BR 205 V137 EA
17115JNE VK538 K11.2 ECOH CD NT 205 V188.A EA