VK550 K5.6 SR UP SHD

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Brand: Viking

Upright, Standard Response, 5.6 K Factor, Standard Orifice, Intermediate Level, In Rack, Preassembled with Water Shield or Guard, Sprinkler


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Item Number 12986-1
Brand Viking
Item Numbers Description Price Group UM
12986ABU VK550 K5.6 SR UP BR 155 SHD V165 EA
12986ADU VK550 K5.6 SR UP BR 175 SHD V165 EA
12986AEU VK550 K5.6 SR UP BR 200 SHD V165 EA
12986AGU VK550 K5.6 SR UP BR 286 SHD V165 EA
12986AHU VK550 K5.6 SR UP BR 360 SHD V165 EA